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GREGORY VEESER - Development Executive

While attending New York University’s Tisch School of Arts, Gregory formed a creative proficiency in film before moving to Los Angeles and beginning work in the motion picture industry. Gregory began his career as an on-set & personal assistant for writers and directors such as Sacha Gervasi, Rupert Wainwright, Michael Bay and Tony Scott.

In 2007, Gregory began working for Lucas Foster as his personal assistant on location and in editorial for the films JUMPER and STREET KINGS.   Following those films, Gregory was Associate Producer for Warp’s next feature, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler.

IN 2015, Gregory helped found
Headcase VR along with Mr. Foster - and helped establish it as one of the world's premiere content creators for entertainment and marketing material in the world of Virtual Reality. Gregory has produced award-winning content for such companies such as F/X, Chevrolet and the NCAA.

Gregory currently serves as a development executive for the feature film and television production arms of Mr. Foster’s
Warp LLC.