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SARAH GERDES - VP of Strategic Partnerships

Sarah Gerdes is a seasoned executive in strategic partnerships, alliances and business development. Her twenty-year career spans multiple industries and organizations, including Fortune 500 firms, governments and start-ups alike.

Sarah is credited with establishing outsourced partner development (BMGINC) as a category for consulting services and products in 1996. Sarah grew this niche by first consulting with small businesses, then applying her best practice methodologies to Fortune 500 firms such as Microsoft, Sony, American Express and IBM. Her successful programs led to multiple revenue-generating licensing, distribution, joint venture and joint development agreements. Sarah has raised more than $200M in capital for privately-held companies, led the acquisition activities for clients sold to Amazon, IBM and Microsoft among many others Global 100 firms.

This track record led to profiles in Fortune Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Economist, Entrepreneur Magazine, and speaking at leading academic institutions such as Harvard, Stanford and MIT. By 1999, she had provided counsel to private and public companies in more than 35 industries, and the economic development groups of Ireland, Canada and Government of Britain. In 2002, Sarah authored Navigating the Partnership Maze: Creating Alliances that Work (McGraw-Hill) which was subsequently translated into Chinese. Her articles have appeared in dozens of mainstream business publications, and she has supplied expert commentary to print, radio and television programs such as NRP and CBS. Sarah has received awards from Entrepreneur Magazine, Venture Northwest, and Inc. Magazine recognizing her achievements in business.
At Warp, Sarah is responsible for raising and structuring the capital required to finance theatrical productions and ancillary businesses resulting from Warp productions. She also leads the strategic partner relationships, including the investments and allocation of resources for extending Warp properties around the world,

Today she continues to consult to F500 firms and small businesses and serves on the board of non-profit and privately-held companies. She is also the mother of two, and has authored mainstream adult and time-travel adventure series.