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BRIAN LaRODA - President of TV / Executive Producer

Brian LaRoda was Manager of the internationally acclaimed music icon Stevie Wonder for more than twenty years. Stevie has often paid tribute to Mr. LaRoda, quoting him as being “his eyes and ears.”

Due to the strong relationships that Mr. LaRoda has cultivated throughout his career in the entertainment industry, he has been uniquely successful in seamlessly connecting high profile personalities and international organizations with the entertainment industry. Mr. LaRoda worked closely with Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones in support of the recording and broadcast of “We Are the World.” He also coordinated the presentation of the 2nd Annual Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Music to Stevie Wonder and the first hosting at the White House of the newly elected President Barack Obama.

Mr. LaRoda is Chairman and Founder of the LaRoda Group, a talent and consulting firm founded in 1986, which recently branched out into organizing and managing the logistics of global entertainment and vacation holiday ventures. He was also Executive Producer of the ‘Annual Tobago Jazz Festival’ – having produced its 4th consecutive successful run in April 2008 – which brought together some of the biggest names in world music. Sting, Rod Stewart, Diana Ross and Elton John are among the headliners that Mr. LaRoda and his business partners have showcased. Forbes ranked The Tobago Jazz Festival #3 in world music festival attractions.

Mr. LaRoda’s affiliation with Kerzner International expands his experience into resort and gaming development. He assisted Kerzner International with the Phase I launch of its world-renowned ATLANTIS Paradise Island property. Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and Leonardo DiCaprio were among the high-profile associates of Mr. La Roda’s who attended the Phase I grand opening. For the opening of Phase II – THE COVE – Denzel Washington, Quincy Jones and Janet Jackson made appearances at the behest of Mr. La Roda. Consequently, Mr. LaRoda is working very closely with the forthcoming launch of Kerzner’s ATLANTIS, The Palm in Dubai.

Mr. LaRoda is one of the five founders of ‘ICETEK’ watches, an innovative timepiece company based in New York, New York. Through his plethora of connections, most of Hollywood’s ‘A list’ have been seen wearing an ICETEK watch of one style or another. From Justin Timberlake to Quincy Jones, Naomi Campbell to Venus Williams, countless celebrities have all been photographed at some time sporting one of these stylish watches. Oprah famously wore her purple ICETEK while interviewing Celine Dion (also wearing a beige ICETEK) on the eve of Celine’s revolutionary Vegas show.

Among Mr. LaRoda’s long list of clients, many of whom he is proud to also call friends, are Nelson Mandela, Paul Allen, Robert De Niro, Mike Tyson, Kerzner International (formerly Sun International) and The William Jefferson Clinton Library Fund.

Although a native New Yorker, Brian LaRoda currently resides in Los Angeles, maintaining a firm foothold on both coasts. He is married with one daughter.